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Hookem Sports offers Commercial Equipment Sales, Custom Netting, Turf Sales, Design ,Consulting, and Support for your existing or new batting cage facility. We can help you select the right combination of Equipment, Netting and Trainers to make your facility more efficient and effective. We can help you design your facility to function around your needs and cater to the target market you are trying to reach. We are very flexible and able to tackle projects of any size. Whether you are wanting a simple - basic two station layout or a sophisticated/ automated state of the art mega facility we have you covered. With over 10 years expereince, and 200 plus completed projects we are here to serve your every need.


Check below for the products we offer. We offer everything
you need to get your facility up and running in no time!!!

Commercial Batting Cage Equipment, Custom Netting & Turf Sales


JUGS Combo Pitching Machine

The Jugs Combo Pitching Machine is 2 machines in one - perfect for coaches juggling a tight budget.

  • Quick & easy speed adjustment. Throws from 20-104mph
  • Portable and easy to move and set up. One person can remove the legs and load JUGS into the trunk of a car.
  • Patented "gooseneck" design provides a full range of movement to adjust for all types of pitches, including fastballs, curves, sliders, split-finger fastballs, drops and risers.
  • Throws baseballs, 11" or 12" softballs, Sting-free balls, JUGS Pearl, JUGS Lite-Flite balls, JUGS Softie balls, JUGS Bulldogs and tennis balls.
  • Great for defensive drills. Swivel base casting provides 360° movement for fly balls, ground balls and pop-ups.

The Combo comes with two sets of legs - long straight legs for baseball and short curved legs for softball. That means hitters see every pitch thrown from a realistic release point.

Bata 2 Softball Pitching Machine

  • Speed 25-100 mph
  • Built-in Transports Wheels
  • Throws all types of pitches, including grounders and flies
  • 3-way swivel head
  • May be used with Bata Feeder
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Weight 98 lbs.
  • Throws real baseballs or dimpled
  • Runs on 110 AC
  • Available for Baseball/Softball

Bata-2 is the only machine with Soft-Tread Pitching Wheels, designed specifically for throwing real leather baseballs. Also throws dimpled pitching machine balls or softballs.

Atec Casey Pro 3G Softball Pitching Machine

The Atec Casey Pro 3G:

For those who want coin-operated batting cages with maximum flexibility, there's the IHS - ATEC's independent hopper system. With portability and cost-efficiency on its side, the IHS is the perfect solution for facilities incapable of major construction due to financial or leasing constraints.

Advantages of the IHS include more creative, spaced cage placement and the option to permanently mount the pitching machine or use it with the ATEC portable machine mount. These benefits, along with the system's incredible bang for its buck, are especially relevant for smaller facilities.

  • No major construction required
  • 300 Baseball/200Softball hopper capacity
  • Portable
  • Dual Baseball/Softball cages
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Perfect for multi-use areas
  • Limited one-year warrant

110V Baseball/Softball Feeder

Perfect eye-hand coordination with this widely-used training device. Also functions as a machine feeder. High capacity ball chute - 22 baseballs or 16 softballs. Use real or dimpled balls. Includes Comprehensive Training Program from Jim Lefebvre, Major League player, manager and coach. Also can operate as a feeder for your ATEC machine with an adaptor kit.

Large Capacity 300-Ball Baseball Feeder

Large Capacity 300-Ball Baseball Feeder used with the Casey Pro BB and Casey BB 110V pitching machines.


TriplePlay Premier can change a pitch almost as fast as you can push a button. Simple digital controls make your job easy by automatically changing the position and speeds of the three throwing wheels, thereby completely eliminating time-consuming mechanical adjustments.

For instance, you can change from a 90 MPH fastball to a 75 MPH curve to an 80 MPH slider with only seven seconds between pitches. And you only need to program your pitches one time because TriplePlay Premier remembers your pitches even after you turn it off. Programming requires only three simple steps and typically takes less than 30 seconds per pitch. You can store up to 64 total pitches.

Put that scouting report on your next opposing pitcher to real use by programming his pitches into TriplePlay Premier for a game-like simulation. Or program in a mix of balls and strikes to teach pitch discrimination.

Batting Tutor

Batting Tutor was designed with the backyard batting cage owner in mind. It?s simple one-wheel design can automatically pitch fastballs every 10 seconds at speeds ranging from 30 to 60 MPH to quickly develop the hitting skills of youth league players.

Just load the hopper with up to 140 baseballs, push the ON button, select your speed using the digital control, and push the AUTO button. You can also control pitch timing manually using the SINGLE PITCH feature, which is useful for giving batting tips between pitches. Pitch height is adjusted by turning the large knob at the back of the machine.

The Batting Tutor features an innovative sound and light system designed to help batters time the pitches, as well as enhance safety. About two seconds prior to each pitch Batting Tutor will beep, which warns everybody near the machine that a pitch is coming. The hitter then sees a sequence of three lights just above the ball exit point that gives him visual cues comparable to seeing a live pitching motion: Red light blinks (the pitcher starts his motion), yellow light blinks (the pitcher winds up), green light blinks (the pitcher is about to release the ball), the ball is pitched.

The pitching mechanism is protected by a durable, all-weather, high-impact plastic housing. An optional vinyl cover is available to further protect the machine and balls.

BATA 2Pitch4 Pitching Machine

The 2Pitch4 baseball pitching machine can throw any two pitches any speed up to over 90 mph - IN ONE SET UP.

  • Maximum speed on each head - 95 mph
  • 2 double-wheel heads with independent speed control for each wheel, and independent adjustment for height and
    inside/outside locations for each head.
    Both heads tilt in unison - from vertical
    (for overhand pitching) - to 35 degrees
    to either side.
  • Throw any two pitches - at any two
    speeds - to any two locations without
    making any adjustments between pitches.
  • 4-Wheel design
  • Welded steel construction
  • Throws flyballs and groundballs
  • Runs on 110 volt AC
  • Available with Roll-Away Stand
  • 5-year warranty
Iron Mike Hopper-Fed Pitching Machines

These machines feature an individual hopper and are designed to be fed manually or by our single path distribution system.

  • Heavy-duty arm and brake system
  • Designed to require less maintenance than the standard machine
  • 600 baseball or 400 softball capacity
  • Capable of pitching baseball, fast pitch softball, or slow pitch softball
  • Warning light to indicate the machine is running
  • Built-in control box for setting number of pitches per round and number of coins required for play

Patented Seamed Pitching Machine Ball
Dimpled, white with red inset seams. Specially-formulated ink does not rub off. Exclusive patented Baden design. Simulates the pitch of a real baseball. Ball works in any pitching machine.
Official High School Baden Baseball
Full-grain cowhide leather. Raised seams. Wool-blend windings. Cushioned cork center. Double-stitched with special waxed cotton thread. For high school and youth leagues.

All-Weather Baseball
Featuring CoreGuard? moisture protection technology and leather cover. Recommended for wet weather and practice. Remains playable when wet and returns to original weight after it is dry!


Official NFHS Game Ball
Diamond's most popular high school baseball.

Baseball Bucket
With 30 DBP Dri-Core BP baseballs.

Machine BP Baseball
Kevlar-reinforced flat seam, dual-color stitching for easy identification.

7 1/2" Training Baseball
Ratio-balanced, cushioned rubber center, A-Grade gray wool blend winding, premium leather cover, Diamond seam.

HS Play Baseballs
Grade A Full Grain Leather, SST seams, Gray wool winding, Red cushioned cork w/ Dura-Core Technology Center.

Perforated Practice Balls
White, great for indoor use or soft-toss drills.

HS Practice Baseballs
Raised seams, Grade C full-grain leather, Gray wool winds, Red cushioned cork center.

Practice Bucket
With 3 dozen A1030 Baseballs.

Dimple Baseballs & 11 or 12 inch Softballs
Atec, Jugs & MacGregor Dimpled Baseball's & Softballs are all made from premium quality polyurethane for maximum accuracy. Our dimple yellow or white balls are ideal for commercial cages and concrete surfaces. All of our commercial dimple balls can be used in all of our real ball throwing pitching machines. Maximum durability. Excellent for indoor use.

  • Quality Materials ? our commercial balls are molded from long wearing polyurethane
  • Size and weight ? official size and weight allow a hitter to feel the tuffy off the bat like a regulation seamed ball
  • All-purpose use ? usable in any pitching machine
  • Made from premium quality polyurethane for maximum accuracy
  • Performance level: all ages and levels of training


Hookem Sports provides top of the line high quality nylon or poly netting which is pre dipped, twisted, knotted, ultra-violet treated netting to give you maximize breaking strength. We also include ceiling ropes that run in both directions every 6 to 8 feet to make installation a breeze. This way, if you're hanging your netting on a cable system, you can run your cables in either direction and will always intersect with these ceiling ropes. This also helps maintain a tight hang which adds a better look to your cage. We offer several different options when providing your facility netting. We stock a complete range of net materials to meet any requirements. From the standard #36 gauge up to the heavy duty #96 and many more, we can fulfill the requirements for all levels of competition and/or practice. We can make any shape or size net in any of our various gauge sizes and our netting normally delivers within 2 weeks. Whether you are looking for permiter netting on tracks to open in close lanes. Netting with multi dividers for soft toss, tee stations, Long net panels with socks every 8-10 ft or standard 55-70 fully enclosed nets Hookem Sports has you covered. Our sales & design team is the best in the business and can maximize every square foot of your facility.

Hookem Sports carries a wide variety of Protective Screens & Backstops, so we can provide a perfect fit for whatever your need may be. Our Commercial grade screens start at 1 1/2inch Powder Coated and our most heavy duty protector series is 3inch Galvanized Steel. We offer several netting options to fit our frames as well, they range from #36 Gauge to #96 Gauge in both Nylon and Twisted Poly. We have listed for you in the layout below the three different manufactures Protective Products we carry, there are a lot of other guys out there but we have found Jugs , Cimarron and Muhl Tech are the most durable in a Commercial Baseball / Softball Facility enviroment. Hookem Sports carries a full line of Baseball Pitchers L Screens or L Nets, Softball Screens , Sock Nets & Screens, Catch Nets & Screens, Soft Toss Nets & Screens, Fielders Nets & Screens, Fungo Nets & Screens, as well as a full line of Baseball & Softball Backstops. Take a look below at some of our newer offerings, feel free to call us is you would like to discuss your facilities Protective Screen or Backstop needs more in depth.

JUGS Protector? Series Protective Screens feature:
? Black, pearl-foam,vinyl-covered .5-inch-thick padding.
? Black, double-thick 691-90 ply, poly-E netting.

Double-Thick-Netting Close up padding Protector 1
? Baseball l Screens are easily assembled?no welding or lacing.?
? All joints of our hitting nets are double-bolted for maximum strength and superior longevity.?
? 1.5-inch-diameter, 2mm-thick, 1020 cold-rolled steel frame tubing.

Square Fungo
? 2-Year Guarantee on netting and frame: No one guarantees their screens longer.
? Hitting-Facility Tough design.

Cimarron's Commercial Series of Proctective Screen Products:

Heavy-Duty Protective Screen Products:

Twisted Poly Netting

We take strands of polyehylene and twist them together, by twisting the fibers they form a strong round strand. Those strands are then tied together. The combinination of the round strands and the bumpy knots prevents the ball from scraping along the cage causing massive wear.

Super Sturdy Design

By using 2" Commercial Grade Pipe, we have made a simple but strong frame. This pipe will keep your net up for years of batting practice in the toughest condidtions.

Rust Preventative Treatments

Aluminized steel shows a better behavior against corrosion and keeps the properties and strength of the base material steel.

Long Life Element Proof Treatment

We start with high density polyethylene and then treat it to protect it from the elements. The combination of polyethylene's characteristics and the features of the other molecules make sure your net will not fade, stretch, or otherwise become damaged by the elements and time.

Pillow Case Style Net

Thanks to a pillow case design the net easily slides over the frame and can be secured by the draw-string at the bottom.

MUHL TECH'S Commercial Series of Proctective Screen Products:

At Muhl Tech Baseball and Softball Equipment, we manufacture our own frames with 1 1/2", 14 gauge/1.5mm black powder-coated steel tubing.


Our recommended net. 8 1/2' W x 6 1/2' H. Nice and wide for doing soft toss or tee work. You can work across the strike zone hitting balls to all fields with out having to reposition the batter. The All Fields Net is large enough to encourage a batter to correctly "hit the ball where it's pitched". Net is 14' wide at the bottom to hang loose and drop balls straight down. 1 1/2" Powder coated frame with push button assembly. Heavy duty #36 net that slips on pillow case style for double protection.

New! 90 Second Net

Sets up in less than 90 seconds! The new 90 second net is made with a durable steel tubing frame and our super heavy duty slip on net. Measuring 6.5' H x 7.5' W and weighing only 22lbs, this net is perfect for taking on the road. Break down is even quicker. Includes carry bag.


Our top-of-the-line L-screen has a 2" diameter steel tubing frame with a hip protector. Fully padded frame extends net life and reduces ball richochet. Includes steel wheels. 7.5'x7.5' w/ a 3.5x3.5 cutout. Super duty #60 netting slips on pillow-case style for double protection.



7' x 7' frame with duty 2.8mm/#45 PE netting. Bolt together frame for stability. Net slips on pillow case style.Cut-out is 30" H x 24" W. We also made the bottom of the cut out 21" from the ground to more easily accommodate softball pitching machines.


Awesome front toss screen. 4'x6' frame. Bolt together assembly. #60 knotted netting slips on pillow-case style for double protection. Includes a padded frame.


7' x 7' Fielders safety screen. Heavy duty #45 netting.

MUHL TECH? 8x10 Field Screen

The 8'x10'w Field Screen offers maximum protection for the bases during fielding drills. Heavy-duty #45 knotted, treated netting.



Our Heavy Duty 4x6, 5x7, or 6x8 Rubber Backstops are excellent for stopping balls and saving wear and tear on your batting cage nets. All of our Backstop Products are Heavily Reinforced from top to bottom and come standard with steel rings for easy installation. We recommend using our rubber backstop in any high volume pitching or hitting application you may have. We also have a 4x6 Standard & 2 Sport Vinyl Backstop that can be used in light duty Pitching or Hitting areas and work great for Soft Toss / Tee Stations or Target Training Pitching Areas. Both are pictured below for reference, also feel free to call one of our Commercial Specialist to further discuss your Facility Backstop needs.


Our nylon turf is recommended for the use of baseball & softball batting greens. It is spike-proof and an excellent turf. Use the turf outdoors to reduce maintenance in high-wear areas and indoors to protect the floor. Can be installed on dirt or glued down on concrete, asphalt or wood. Available in green or terra cotta red.

Plypropylene Turf No-Foam Backing
Our Polypropylene Turf without foam is highly recommended for use as a medium grade turf for baseball & softball batting cages, walkways, dugouts and locker rooms. Use the turf outdoors to reduce maintenance in high-wear areas and indoors to protect the floor. Can be installed on dirt or glued down on concrete, wood or asphalt.




All non-infill turfs are sold by the 12' widths, although not required. We know by experience that everyone has a specific sized area that needs to be covered that may not be in 12' wide increments. Custom sizes are welcome.

Plypropylene Turf w/5mm Foam Backing
Our Polypropylene Turf with 5mm Foam Backing is highly recommended for use as a medium-grade turf for baseball & softball batting cages, walkways, dugouts and locker rooms. Use the turf outdoors to reduce maintenance in high-wear areas and indoors to protect the floor. Can be installed on dirt or glued down on concrete, wood or asphalt.

Plypropylene Utility Turf
This is our budget turf that can be used for walkways, dugouts and locker rooms. Use the turf outdoors to reduce maintenance in high-wear areas and indoors to protect the floor. Can be installed on dirt or glued down on concrete, wood or asphalt.

Our F1 Polypropylene Turf is an excellent choice for baseball fields. 2 1/2" Multi-Strand 45 oz. turf with a black unitary black backing that can be installed on an aggregate base or on concrete. 2-3 lbs/sq ft of rubber infill is required.


Our F2 Polypropylene Turf is an economical and smart choice for baseball fields. 2 1/2" Single-Strand 35 oz. turf with a black unitary black backing that can be installed on an aggregate base or on concrete. 2-3 lbs/sq ft of rubber infill is required.


Inlaid Batter's Box Mats
These 6'x12' mats are used by most every college and major league team. They protect the area around home plate during practice sessions and the original tufr of a facility. Inlaid mat features: Made from durable AstroTurf Nylon 6/6, safe for cleats, comfortable 5mm foam backing, skid-resistant bottom will not slide on almost any surface, won't harm or mar gym floors, the white lines are tufted into the carpet during production, home plate is painted on the mat, made to regulation specifications, easy to move from diamond to diamond or field to field.

Bull Pen Mounds
Our Bull Pen portable mound gives players the ability to work on their game in almost any location or ground condition indoors or outfdoors. Tapered design from 10" high plate area to 2" at the front. Use in bull pens and batting cages. Durable AstroTurf Nylon 6/6 covering, safe for cleats, skid-resistant bottom will not slide on most any surface, won't harm or mar gym floors, includes regulation-size white pitcher's rubber, made from high-density foam so that it's strong and light, handles are cut into sides for ease of movement.

Softball Pitching Mats

Our softball pitcher's mat is great for practice indoors or out. Regulation-size pitcher's rubber set 2' off the back end of mat, made from durable nylon artificial turf, spike-resistant, dense foam backing for shock absorption, backing will not harm gym floors and is skid-resistant. Essential for any softball program.


On-Deck Circles
4', 5' or 6' in diameter on-deck circle made out of nylon turf with 5mm foam-reinforced backing. Painted logos are available.


Stance Mats
Our stance mats are made out of nylon turf with 5mm foarm-reinforced backing. Spike-proof. Great for batting practice!


Game Mound

Our Pitcher's game mound is great for use indoors and outdoors. Gives players the ability to work on their game in almost any location or ground condition. Designed for game play with tapered edges. Recommended pitching distance of 60'. Game Mound features: Durable AstroTurf Nylon 6/6 covering, safe for cleats, skid-resistant bottom will not slide on most any surface, won't harm or mar gym floors, made to regulation specifications, includes regulation-size white pitcher's rubber, made from high-density foam that is strong and light, strong Condura handles for easy movement (2 per side), handles easily fold under mound for play, easily move this mound from diamond to diamond or field to field.


Radar Pitching Trainer
Measures ball speed & strike zone accuracy all in one unit for the ultimate pitching experience! This state-of-the-art unit is NOT a play toy for the back yard! Designed from the ground up for institutional use. Train alone or compete with a friend, pitching stats can be maintained for one or two players. Can also be used at fundraisers to generate income for your program.


  • uses highly accurate Sonic Radar to measure ball speed
  • tested and confirmed accurate to +/- 1 MPH
  • registers release speeds from 20-99 MPH
  • constructed from tough polycarbonate
  • 9 strike zone locations for accuracy training
  • ?Virtual Umpire? that detects balls and strikes and simulates a complete half inning including walks & outs
  • large electronic display is easy to read from 60?6? and shows: balls, strikes, outs & the last pitch speed
  • displays total pitch count, balls, strikes, outs and walks (Add Ball button can be used if the unit is completely missed)
  • distance can be set to 46? or 60?6? for baseball and 40? or 43? for fastpitch
  • polycarbonate strike zone target
  • rugged vinyl curtain
  • heavy wall 16 gauge steel framing
  • uses standard 4 D batteries
  • removable electronic module protects it from the weather
  • measures 38? W x 58?H
  • weighs only 35 lbs
  • collapsible hinge for compact storage

Pro Ball Basket
(Variable Height)

Ball Baskets hold 100 baseballs or 60 softballs.

Pitcher's Practice Screen

52" x 60" screen with patented drop-pocket ball collection for ALL pitches that hit target, not just strikes! Rugged 1 1/4" steel stand with powder-coat finish. High-visibility target with six zones within the "strike" target for further accuracy. Sets up in many places at or near the field, with or without the stand. Also doubles as a backstop for hitters, helping with strike zone discipline. Heavy-duty nylon tarpulin is double-stiched and seamed to ensure a long life. High-strength grommets for easy and stable hanging. Two steel shock-corded support rods included with each screen to ensure proper shape and support.

Multi-Purpose Sports Net II

Ideal for virtually any sport or activity that requires a backstop or net. The Wilson Sportsnet II is a free-standing, multi=sport net and backstop that weighs only 9 lbs. and sets up in seconds. The official practice net of Major League Baseball. With a built-in target; 100% polyester netting, fiberglass frame and waterproof floor. Includes carry bag.

Catch Net Baseball/Softball

Multi-purpose training device assembles and breaks down quickly. Professional Grade #36 net is UV- and weather-resistant. The same net used in our cages. Features training target, ball restraint & collection pocket, deflection cord and quick-hook corner brackets. HUGE usable target surface area - over 50 sq. ft. 1 1/2" round steel tube frame with weather-resistant powder-coat finish and quick-release fasteners.

ATEC Tuffy® Single Tee

Super high-strength polyurethane construction for thousands of hours of intense use. Steel plate base for stability and durability. Pro-style stem tip for a low profile that doesn't interfere with the player's swing. Smooth stem and insert movement for quick adjustment and take down. Adjustable from 21" to 39". Correct ball placement foward of plate. Includes Jim Lefebvre's Pro Training Program.

ATEC Tuffy® Multi-Position Tee

Super high-strength polyurethane construction for thousands of hours of intense use. High inside, low & away drill placement. Pro-style stem tip for a low profile that doesn't interfere with the player's swing. Smooth stem and insert movement for quick adjustment and take down. Includes Jim Lefebvre's Pro Training Program.


Seeking 1st-class appearance & performance? We will put your facility on another level, setting you apart from the competition. Hookem Sports is here to provide you assistance from start to the finish of your project. We can handle every aspect of your project from Design & Planning to Construction, Installation and Support we are here to do as much or as little as you need us to do. Wanting to cut some cost and do a self install ? Hookem Sports Trained Equipment and Install Specialist can be reached around the clock and just a phone call away to walk you through every step of the process. We pride ourselves in the ability to develop long term relationships with our customers.

What we install:
  • Batting Cage & Netting: Manual & Electric Retractable Systems, Shells with Sliding Curtains or Fixed / Permanent. Outdoor Ground Up
  • Netting Systems: Ceiling/Wall Protection, Backstop, Golf Course
  • Equipment: Turf, Pitching Machines, Proctective Screens, Pitching Mounds, Mats , Benches
  • Field Equipment: Backstop Netting, Field Turf, Foul Poles

Where you can see our work in action:

  • University of Texas
  • Jacksonville University
  • Penn State University
  • University of South Carolina
  • Frozen Ropes, Strike Zone, Balls N Strikes & Play Ball Exclusive Franchise Supplier & Installer
  • 100's of High Schools, Facilitites & Little League Organizations
Who we are:
  • Professional grade using only the best & safest materials.
  • 10+ years of design, fabrication, & installation experience.
  • Ability to overcome on-site obstacles most crews can not.
  • Focus on QUALITY over quantity.

Who we aren't:

  • Short-cutters
  • The absolute cheapest
  • Giant corporate conglomerate

Take a look at our work and discover why we have earned a reputation as one of the best crews in the sports equipment industry. Call us today to discuss how we can consolidate your multi-equipment project into a simple & cost-efficient package.



 Strike Zone Indoor Hitting Facility / Bradenton Florida is One Of Many Facilites We Have Completed


Strike Zone is a state-of-the art indoor sports complex located off SR70 on Lena Road in Bradenton, FL.

Front of Building Batting Cages
Front of Building

Batting Cages
Pro Shop Parents Lounge
Pro Shop and Equipment Center Parent Lounge and Observation Deck





Batting Cages Batting Cages

Strike Zone Indoor Sports Complex offers the latest in equipment.

Batting Cages Batting Cages



 Weight Room / Fitness Area

Fitness Room Fitness Room
Fitness Room Fitness Room


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